Intumescent Seals is a division of Dixon International Group Limited


There has long been a demand in the 30 minutes fire resisting glazing market for a dry , easily installed and cost effective glazing system which meets the performance requirements of glazed screens when tested to BS476-22:1987. THERM-A-CHANNEL provides a solution to meet this demand.


THERM-A-CHANNEL is a specially compounded intumescent elastomeric material formed into a channel which cups the edge of the glass pane. Being elastomeric, THERM-A-CHANNEL is impervious to water and atmospheric moisture.


THERM-A-CHANNEL is simply cut to length to fit the perimeter of the glass using mitred corner joints. It is pushed over the edges of the glass without the need for adhesives or sealants.

Apertures in particle board fire door cores need to be lined with 6mm hardwood and 13mm x 21mm softwood beads used fixed with 12g 40mm steel pins at 150mm centres.

Glazed screens must be of minimum 90mm x 45mm softwood with 13mm x 21mm softwood glazing beads fixed with 12g 40mm steel pins at 150mm centres.



THERM-A-CHANNEL has been designed and tested for use in 30 minute fire resisting glazing applications in screens and fire doors. It is suitable for apertures up to 700mm x 800mm. As with any fire resisting element component it is essential that the screen or fire door construction is of previously proven performance.


THERM-A-CHANNEL is supplied in 100m coils.

Test Evidence

THERM-A-CHANNEL performance is described in test report IFCI 290 is which a glazed opening 808mm x 707mm in a flaxboard core door leaf, retained by softwood beads attained 36minutes fire resistance integrity. Its use in softwood screens is described in test report DIG 9611131 in which a softwood screen with a central transom attained a fire resistance integrity of 34minutes

Thermachanell a Certifire certified product