Intumescent Seals is a division of Dixon International Group Limited


PVC pipes are commonly used in buildings for the transportation of waste water or rainwater. Where such pipes penetrate fire compartment walls or floors they must be adequately protected to maintain the fire resistance of the building’s fire compartments in the event of a fire. THERM-A-SLEEVE is a simple and cost effective way of achieving and maintaining this fire resistance integrity for PVC pipe penetrations through solid constructions.


THERM-A-SLEEVE consists of graphite based intumescent material preformed into the required length and width contained within a convenient polyethylene sleeve. At approximately 180°C the graphite intumescent in the THERM-A-SLEEVE begins to expand and, restrained by the surrounding solid construction generates sufficient pressure to crush the PVC pipe within in the THERM-A-SLEEVE thereby providing fire resistance protection.


THERM-A-SLEEVE is suitable for sealing PVC pipe penetrations through solid constructions i.e. concrete or building blocks.


THERM-A-SLEEVE will achieve up to 4 hours fire resistance (FR) performance as a PVC pipe penetration seals through solid construction depending on the sleeve model used.


THERM-A-SLEEVE is available in the following sizes:

OD/mm Height/mm FR/min
55 50 240
82 50 240
110 50 240
125 75 240
160 75 240
200 75 120
250 75 120


Test Evidence

THERM-A-SLEEVE meets the performance requirements noted above in accordance with BSEN1363-1:1999, BSEN1363-3:2004 & BS476-20:1987

Copies of test reports and other performance evidence are available on request.